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Take the work out of workflow

Empower your users and teams to automate repeatable work their own way. Relay's simple, no-code design makes it easy for anyone to create workflows in minutes. That frees up IT to spend more time on what matters most.

The power you want, the flexibility you need

A flexible interface and range of powerful capabilities help you automate both simple tasks and sophisticated processes. The result: better workflows such as streamlined content review, standardized employee onboarding, and accelerated contract approvals.

Focus on the big picture

Automation means nothing without visibility into the work in motion. Relay's shows the progress of every running workflow with an exportable audit history. By tracking and optimizing business processes, work gets done even faster — and no one drops the ball.

Get even more out of Box

Since Relay inherits all the benefits of our content platform, you get more bang for your buck. Capabilities such as advanced security and compliance, Box Platform APIs, and pre-built integrations with apps like O365 and DocuSign 荣兴娱乐注册keep content flowing quickly and seamlessly.

Automate workflows across every department


Automatically route contracts for review, accelerate rep ramp-up, and collaborate on sales decks.


Manage content review processes, agency collaboration, and press and product releases.


Implement automated processes for patent and contract reviews, as well as new policy approvals.


Streamline onboarding processes, approve time-off and expense requests, and review new policies and procedures.


Expedite the forecasting process, standardize end of quarter checkpoints, and streamline invoice approvals.


Improve administration by applying metadata to make content more searchable, and boost security and compliance.

Enterprise Suites

荣兴娱乐注册Get the best of Box with up to six products, including Box Relay, in one easy-to-buy plan. Our Enterprise Suites enable you to power best-in-class experiences — from security to workflow — across your entire organization. And they save you up to 35%.

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